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Getting The Most Out of Play Time with Your Dog

  • 24 Oct 2021
  • New York, USA

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When it comes to pets in my opinion there is no better pet than a dog. They are loyal, loving and hilarious animals.

And yes, they require some things that other pets do not for example walks but in return you have a furry friend that adores you.

When it comes to dogs their needs are pretty simple, they need food, water and exercise. Not to dissimilar to us, right?

And in the same way that we humans are not the biggest fans of exercise unless its in a more playful setting this feeling can be mutual with your four-legged friend.

So today we will discuss ideas for dog play and why it is important for your dog’s health.

How often do they need play time?

When it comes to dog play, at least once a day is usually recommended but try and stick to a routine especially with puppies, so they learn when to play and when to relax and listen to your commands.

Obviously, this is just a guideline and you can adapt it to suit your work demands and other home commitments in addition you can also consider the age of your dog if your dog is in its later years it won’t require as much exercise as a young puppy.

What should I do during play time?

Ahh this is the tricky question what to do during dog play time with your furry friend. Well, when you first get your puppy it is important to establish a routine so that they can get comfortable in their new environment and vice versa you can get used to having a puppy around the house.

You ideally want your play time to be at some point in the middle of the day now I realize that this may not be convenient with work commitments etc.

If this is not possible then the most effective time for dog play is early evening between 5-7pm which is normally when most people finish work and return home.

There are a few reasons for this you will more than likely feed your puppy or dog upon arriving home and then take a few moments to take care of yourself afterwards your four-legged friend will want to play with you as they haven’t seen you all day. The goal here is to obviously have fun with your pet but also to tire them out a little so that when you go to bed later, they do the same to avoid them causing any damage in the house or running around while you are sleeping.

Types of play

OK, so again this will come to which option works best for you but personally I always try and alternate between the two in the week to make sure that my puppy or dog is getting the best of both worlds. And at the weekend I always lean more towards outdoor play for dogs especially if I have had a busy week and my pooch has been indoors all week.


When it comes to outdoor play for dogs you want to take advantage of the outdoor space and spend longer playing outdoors than you would indoors.

Just like us dogs love being outside in nature and getting fresh air its great for them in the same way that it is for us.

To really get your dog moving invest in a ball and retrieve stick this will allow you to really get some distance on the ball that you throw and also avoids you having to bend over to retrieve the ball.

The other piece of kit that is key for me is an illuminating collar if you are walking your dog after dark.


Indoor play for dogs can be more difficult and limited by the space you have available to you. When it comes to indoor play for dogs, I like to keep it simple and play games that can be controlled more at close range for example a tug of war with your dog will still give them a good workout but limits their movement around the home or you can hide a ball or a treat in a room and watch your dog try to find it.

With indoor play for dogs, it is more trial and error you can really just use your imagination and use what works for you and your dog the main goal as we mentioned is to spend quality time with your dog.

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